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    we make the best modern accessories for cannabis enthusiasts.

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Designer cannabis accessories, for everyone.

Welcome to STOND.

We're Canadians who love cannabis, minimalist designs, clean lines, and the odd edible here and there. 

We're definitely not your typical head shop: we build modern, designer stash boxes and a curated selection of cannabis accessories meant to celebrate and preserve our bud.

Legal weed is here.  Let's celebrate that.  Stop hiding your stash in a mason jar, shoebox, or under your sink.  Now's the time to give our best bud the best friend it deserves.  So let's raise our joints, get our 510s or PAXes or Vapes to the sky, and celebrate.

We don't need to hide our stashes anymore.

Our premium weed accessories are all designed in Canada.

We know that you'll love our stash boxes and rolling trays as much as we do, but we're always proud to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase if things don't work out between us



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