Grassy High Review Sesh #1 - PAX Era x RIFF - Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze

Sesh Time

What do you think would happen when two of the most legendary sativa-dominant strains around got smashed together and thrown into a teeny tiny little PAX Era pod? 

Well, I just finished pulling out a brand new vape cartridge out of my rectangle stash box, and would love to tell you all about it on this week's Review Sesh, where we take a closer look at what Aphria's high design team has cooked up with RIFF's Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze.

What's in the cart?

My cart came in at a spicy 77% THC, negligible CBD, for that wonderful sativa-y infinite THC/CBD ratio that Jean Guy and Super Lemon Haze are both well known for.

How did I set my PAX up?

I don't know about you, but my favourite thing about going with a smoking accessory like the PAX Era over a 710/510 cart system has been the ability to fine-tune and control my vaping experience.  Like a lot of people, I'm guilty of not having iron lungs, so having my extraction come in at a lower temperature saves my brittle self, bigtime. 

For this review, I set my PAX to 325 degrees fahrenheit. 

All about the Terps (Flavour Profile)

No need for a rolling tray to get a head start on this bad boy.

Right away, the first thing that hit me as I extracted my first pull from my PAX Era was exactly what you'd expect: Lemon.  The Super Lemon Haze half of the blend absolutely shines through from the first moment you come in contact with it.  But its terp profile is where the real depth of flavour start to shine, with funky eucalyptus, black pepper, and fresh fruit notes dancing around my lungs. 

Do you like your weed to taste like weed? Well, I know I do, and let me tell ya: these are cannabis terps.  I know RIFF states it as well, but you can almost tell right away.  A lot of distillates meant for pens wind up having that fruit punch sort of vibe going for it, but this is the real deal.

How did this strain affect me?

Do you know what it's like to walk in the door after a long day of work, only to be greeted by 25 of your friends and coworkers shouting "SURPRISE" at you, because your girlfriend thought it'd be a fantastic idea to scare the shit out of you on a Thursday afternoon?

...neither do I.  But, I can tell you that if you think you're ready for one long pull of this strain... you might not be.

Strap in, lean bac into a chair and get redy, because the euphoric sensation of both body and mind on this sets in almost instantaneously.

This. Strain. Slaps. HARD.

After two pulls, I had opened the lid to my smellproof stash box, closed it back up, and was on my phone looking for snacks.

This strain is intense, and the price you're going to pay for it (at least in Toronto head shops) is indicative of that.  At $70+ dollars for ~.375g of distillate, one can't help but feel a little ripped off at the checkout.  But honestly, the feeling of creativity, sociability, and that warm hug of a really happy, buzzy sativa was there in DROVES.  

I couldn't recommend this strain more highly to buzzy sativa fans. 

Do you like sativas? I'd love to hear about some of your favorite strains! 










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This is great! Your weed boxes look alright too there, pal.

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