Who, what, why

Hey and welcome back to The Grassy High. 

In another high life in outer space and time, I lead companies on these spirit quests to figure out the what exactly the gooey Caramilk-centre of their brands are.  And hey, we should always practice what we preach.  So let's close the lids on our stash boxes and take a little step outside of our little virtual smoke shop to ask the first three questions I ask all my clients.

What is STOND?


STOND is a designer of modern home decor and accessories for modern cannabis enthusiasts.  If it's used directly in cannabis users lives, we're always happy to see that.  I mean, hey, you could totally use our stash boxes as a jewelry box, but that's your call and not mine. :) 

How does STOND do what it does?

It all started with a pack of papers and a really strong sativa, you know.


Really though, we focus our efforts on the product.  From the moment we settled in on the idea of making a modern stash box, all efforts went into finding the best possible materials construction for the preservation of your weed.  Immediately, glass was out.  Ever wondered why the weed you stored air-tight in a mason jar somehow dried out? Well, the UV rays of light are just about the harshest thing to subject your flower to.  So we knew we needed something opaque, and concrete just looked... right.  

Oh wait, I'm getting sidetracked.  How do we do it? Great materials, no middlemen, a lot of heart and effort and sacrifice and failed prototypes...and joints. So, so, so many joints.  And then a lean, mean team of people who believe in making modern smoking accessores for the modern person.

Why does STOND exist.

This one is always the hardest one to answer.  It's all about needs.  What problem are we solving? Why do we feel the need to create a blog that is totally not a Degrassi High pun, because we'd never do that (right, Drake? You there, bro?). 

We make stash boxes and rolling trays and write our messages the way we do, because when we started this whole thing, we were looking for something we couldn't find:


Affordable, beautiful, functional, practical storage for our 420, our ganja, our reefer, our marijuana, our mary jane, our wacky tobacky, our wachi tabachi, our devil's lettuce, our green grass, our sativa, our indica, our hybrids, our everything.

Our lifeblood.  We had nothing to store our weed in that didn't look like either our grandfather's cigar humidor, or like something Cheech and Chong would drink out of (we still love you both, though).  And we couldn't find anything that did the trick, either.  So we said, f*** it, and made the product ourselves.

We do it because cannabis fits into our lives, and we should make it feel like it belongs.  I was sick of storing my stash under the sink, and wanted a different way.  So, we made boxes.  













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