Our stash (about us)

We wanted a different head shop.

Who are we?

STOND all started in the living room at a friend's place.  When it came time for us to have a session, our friend started their 'ritual', going to a hidden away cabinet, pulling out a sneaker box, getting a dinner plate as a rolling tray, hunting around their apartment for rolling papers and a lighter (we settled on matches).  It felt like espionage, like we weren't supposed to be doing it.  

That didn't make sense.

No kidding.  Weed is legal.  It shouldn't be this way.  So in summer 2019, we got to work on prototyping and made our friend the first Rectangle Stash Box (with built in rolling tray!), and the rest is history.  We build our products with everyone in mind, and focus on making sure that our products are not only beautiful and premium in quality, but affordable to all.  We're not your typical weed accessories store, and we hope that as time goes on you'll love the new products we're hard at work on developing.

Find out more about what we believe in with  Canadian cannabis culture.

To find out more about the things we like, our experiences with cannabis culture, product review, and more, definitely stop by our new blog The Grassy High.  We're always looking for guest contributors and feature content, so don't be shy to slide into our DMs for more on that.